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your FIRST class

You will need to hydrate your body through the day prior to class, drink lots of water.

Please bring a bottle of water and a towel to the class. 

We have mats for your use and towels which are for HIRE. 

Wear something form-fitting to stay comfortable.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class to register and discuss any health issues.  

Come along with an open mind and be prepared to have a good work-out.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never get back to its old dimensions.


Practicing Yoga


Hi. I need to thank you and Mike. I had a prostate op on Thursday last week. While I don't want to get ahead of myself my recovery has been phenomenal (and hopefully it stays that way!!!). I am back at work already. Why the thanks? My state of mind and (limited) strengt is due to ------- hot yoga. Probably 11 years of it, which started when my late partner, Cheryl, gave me a dozen lessons as a birthday present. I sure she had an ulterior motive. I had blossomed out to a buttery 92kgs. You are welcome to share this, and again thanks to both of you. Ted Keenan

Alida and Mike. Thank you SO much for hosting the 10 day challenge. The space you hold and the care you have for your students is so special. I am so grateful to be a part of the Hot Yoga community. It’s my favourite place in East London. The dedication you have to it is never unnoticed and so so appreciated. I can’t wait for the next challenge!

LOVE Hot Yoga, Mike and Alida really have a great studio, caters for all stages of yoga fans, from beginners like me to the very advanced. Always friendly and professional, and the HEAT is addictive. Thanks guys!

A real treat in East London!! Get fit, healthy and more flexible in the nicest environment around- thanks for all you do Mike and Alida!! If you haven't tried it- TRY IT!! You'll thank me that you did!!

I'm absolutely obsessed with Hot Yoga. It's such an escape for me. So relaxing and peaceful, yet so challenging. Such an intense workout! I'm addicted 😊

The best hot yoga studio! You feel like a new person when you leave. Fantastic guidance from Mike! Keep up the great work, we absolutely love this studio

I attend classes weekly and absolutely love the instruction by Mike and Alida. We are very lucky to have such a professional studio right here in East London. Would recommend everyone try it!

I thoroughly enjoyed last Tuesday mornings Build class with Mike! It was my first experience of Hot Yoga and I appreciate the care and quality experience. Mike's support and direction is so impressive. I feel very at home at your studio and wish to thank you very much for creating this amazing world class instruction with such care and expertise.

It's a great pleasure to know you both. I think this is a strenuous business in some ways and also a beautiful way of touching peoples lives meaningfully. I found my first visit powerful and transformative. 🌈💛 Thank you again.

Firstly if you aren't already in the fitfam.You def have to join!!!!!Yes the heat is intimidating but remember it's a free sauna as well:)After the class you feel amazing and first just try 5 classes.I did that and I fell in love with it.Witness your body change one yoga move at a time;)

Larry and I love the classes, a great detox and wonderful relax with intensity. We are so lucky to have such a professional offering at such great rates in East London. Can't wait for our next class , been one of the best things we have chosen to do ! I think we are addicted !!

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